🍷 Another international success of Georgian wine!

🍷 Tbilvino Qvevri Mtsvane 2020 won the gold medal with 95 points at the International Wine and Spirits Competition London 2022!

🍷 At IWSC London 2022, Tbilvino won 12 medals, including a silver medal for Special Reserve Tsinandali (93 points) and Mtsvane 2021 (90 points)

🍷 Bronze medals were awarded to Amber Kisi 2020, New Premium Saperavi 2020, Saperavi 2020, Qvevri Mtsviani 2020, Qvevri Kisi 2020, Tsinandali 2020, Ojaleshi 2021, Saperavi 2021, and Special Reserve Mukuzani 2018.

✨ The International Wine & Spirit Competition London 2022 is one of the most influential competitions, where the quality and taste characteristics of the participating product is evaluated by an impartial jury of international experts and oenologists.