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ProWein Adventure 2024
We're excited to share ourlatest journey at prowein 2024 in Düsseldorf, the world'slargest trade fair for wineenthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders. ProWein attracted 47,000 trade visitorsfrom 135 countries and hosted 5,400exhibitors, marking its 30th anniversary in style.

For Tbilvino, ProWein earlier this year was brimming with opportunities. Withup to 30 meetings spanning strategic markets, we engaged with partners and collaborators from around the globe. We proudly presented our new portfolio of fine wines, which received glowing reviews from esteemed authorities such as Sue Daniels M&S Winemaker, Sarah Abbot MW, Emma Dawson MW, Robert Joseph Wine Writer.

Showcasing our Flagship wines at ProWein was a moment of pride for us, and we are humbled by the overwhelming positive feedback received from both our established partners and prospective buyers.

Additionally, we established a second, separate branded stand, enriching our face-to-face interactions and live tastings. This format holds immense significance for us as we strive to showcase Georgian wine to a global audience.
As we continue our journey, fueled by passion, innovation, and a commitment to quality, we extend our gratitude to our valued partners for their unwavering support.
Founded in 1962, Tbilvino has emerged as a dynamic and innovative family business, owning two state-of-the-art wineries in Tbilisi and Kvareli. Today, we stand tall as Georgia's premier winery, crafting exquisite wines from ancient indigenous grapes while honoring the timeless Qvevri winemaking method, rooted in an 8,000-year-old tradition.

Celebrating Export Market Success!
We are thrilled to share some exciting news about our recent successes in export markets. TBILVINO continues to expand its global presence, and we couldn't have done it without your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our Georgian wines. Here are some highlights of our recent achievements:

Triumph In The Marks & Spencer Project - Found

TBILVINO has emerged victorious in an international tender held within the framework of the Marks & Spencer Project - Found. This multinational retail chain in Great Britain has been a valued partner since 2013, and our participation in the Found initiative allows us to present two new distinctive wines to British customers – Mtsvane and Saperavi, complete with specialized labels. These wines capture the essence of Georgian culture and character, and we're excited to share them with our British friends.
Expanding in the USA

Direct Wines in the UK is renowned for its exceptional Wall Street Journal Wine Club, which delivers the finest wine specials and cases right to your doorstep in the USA. Leveraging our established presence in the UK, we are excited to announce our new partnership with this esteemed club. Our wines are now more accessible than ever to our friends across the Atlantic.

Strengthening Ties with China

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili's recent visit to China was a monumental event for us. The visit was a significant step towards deepening trade and economic relations between Georgia and China. TBILVINO President, George Margvelashvili, attended key meetings in Chengdu and Beijing, where important partnerships were framed. As a result, TBILVINO signed a long-term partnership contract with one of China's biggest distributors. This partnership opens up new opportunities for us in the Chinese market and reinforces our commitment to delivering Georgian excellence to the world.
Breaking Ground In Ukraine

We are excited to report that our wines have now embarked on a path of direct sales to the Ukrainian market through™, Ukraine's foremost online marketplace.™, renowned for its leadership in sales across diverse product categories, serves as the ideal platform for us to showcase our wines to a broader audience. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to reach wine lovers around the world.

Welcoming Turkey to our Export Family

TBILVINO is proud to announce our collaboration with Turkey's leading alcoholic beverage importer and distributor. This partnership with one of the most respected names in the Turkish market demonstrates our dedication to reaching new heights and expanding our reach across the globe. Together, we aim to share the exceptional taste of Georgian wines with wine enthusiasts in Turkey.

As we celebrate these achievements, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our loyal supporters, for helping us reach new heights in the world of wine. We remain dedicated to delivering the finest Georgian wines to every corner of the globe and look forward to continuing this journey together.

TBILVINO Harvest Report 2023

We are delighted to share with you the latest update from TBILVINO as we conclude the 2023 harvest season.

A Quarter-Century of Dedication

TBILVINO's 2023 harvest season began in early September and wrapped up by the end of the month, marking a significant milestone for our esteemed group of winemakers and viticulturists as we celebrate 25 years of participation in harvest dealing with local farmers and also cropping grapes from our vineyards.

Challenging Conditions Yield Unique Results

The spring season was characterized by unusually low temperatures followed by weeks of heavy rains. This climate led to a slight delay in flowering, fruit set, and berry development, influencing the formation of Saperavi clusters. They developed with a sparse shape but good volume. White varieties, on the other hand, maintained their normal volume. Throughout the season, a combination of rain and sunshine allowed for the growth of an excellent canopy. A notable 600 millimeters of rain were recorded from May to early September, an uncommon amount compared to previous years. However, diligent agronomic management and effective defense strategies ensured that all grapes reached the harvest in excellent health and maturity.

Innovative Techniques and Top-Notch Quality

Certain vineyards, particularly those with stony soils like in Vachnadziani, have favored important color and polyphenol maturity. Innovative agronomic strategies including green shoot selection, dedicated irrigation management, and grape thinning were employed in our top single vineyards of Vachnadziani blocks n°4, n°7, and Shashiani block n°10 leading to outstanding results.

Our harvest logistics were designed to facilitate the easy and efficient processing of handpicked and mechanically harvested grapes as well. We have used a French grape-picking machine for the first time, minimizing waste while maintaining high-quality standards.
Gentle Vinification for Exceptional Wines

The exceptional condition of Saperavi seeds and skins allowed for a gentle vinification process that respected the integrity of the fruit. This approach created wines that are just right when it comes to alcohol and structure, they have a pleasant smell, and leave a delicate and refined taste in your mouth.

Our Saperavi Rosé stands out with a strong pomegranate and pomelo nose, integrated seamlessly with its light and delicate body.

Our white wines, including Kisi, Mtsvane, and Rkatsiteli, have reached a great aromatic and phenolic maturity, contributing to round and complex flavors that linger on the palate. This excellent phenolic maturity is particularly important for our Qvevri wines, where maceration during and after fermentation plays a crucial role.

Efficiency and Precision

Our continuous efforts to improve vineyard and winery management were highly successful this year. We were able to complete the harvest of all our 400 hectares of vineyards in approximately 30 days. This punctuality plays a vital role in capturing grapes at their optimal ripeness, a fundamental aspect of our winemaking philosophy. Our achievements this year underscore our ongoing commitment to excellence, paving the way for continued advancements in the art of winemaking.

In conclusion, this harvest season is a significant milestone for TBILVINO, and we are thrilled with the outcome. The unique weather conditions and innovative practices have resulted in grapes of outstanding quality, setting the stage for exceptional wines. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with you, our esteemed partners, and are confident that you will be as impressed as we are.

12M from the EBRD for New Projects

TBILVINO has a 22-year business relationship with TBC. Also, the company has experience of cooperation with other international financial institutions. In 2011 and 2013, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) contributed to the growth of its capital with a loan.

Increasing competitiveness and making important breakthroughs in the wine sector - within the framework of the new credit package, TBILVINO has set these goals. More specifically, the company's plan includes the construction of qvevri wine cellar, the purchase/establishment of a new high-tech production line, and the cultivation of vineyards of endemic Georgian grape varieties.
A new, high-tech, energy-efficient production line has been installed, allowing TBILVINO to produce 6,000 bottles per hour. From next year, TBILVINO is starting to build a special facility with the intent of using a unique method, which implies compatibility with the EBRD's environmental policy, construction with natural, ecological materials and traditional methods.

"Different Georgian varieties of Qvevri wine will be produced in the qvevri located here. In the same building, a reception space for guests will be planned, where it will be possible to taste wine, spend a pleasant time and organize various events", says the director of the company, Zurab Margvelashvili. The third project is the direction that the company started in 2013 and continues to develop in a planned and consistent way - the cultivation of vineyards with unique Georgian grape varieties using the drip irrigation system.
For the last decade, we have been paying special attention to the rarest Georgian endemic breeds. In 2022, we created Qvevris Mtsvivani, and in 2023, we are going to produce such interesting wines with grapes from our vineyards, such as Vardisperi Rkatsiteli and Budeshuri Saperavi. We are glad that with future projects we will bring even more recognition to Georgian wine and honorably continue the 8000-year-old tradition of wine," says company director Zurab Margvelashvili.

TBILVINO manages the entire production chain, which ensures the best quality of wine. We planted the first vineyard in 2013, and today our own vineyards (405 ha) are located in the best microzones of Kakheti, in Kindzmarauli, Mukuzan and Tsinandali.

Decanter World Wine Awards in London 2022

“The first week is all about working out the Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals. That’s the hard part," says Michael Hills Smith. “The second week we re-judge all of the Golds. Decanter is one of the very few competitions where all of the Gold medals are re-tested, and it’s that rigor of re-tasting that allows you to make sure that everything that’s got a Gold is fully deserving of that Gold.”

Receiving 95 points, the elegant and delicate Qvevris Kisi 2020 gold medal wine was described by the judges as having "beautiful aromas of candied orange zest, lemon pulp, zesty tea and a lovely floral note."
Along with the gold medal, the wine received a Value Award. This means that consumers can purchase a top quality wine for its price. (Only wines with a retail value of less than £15 are eligible).

Value for money is one of the leading factors when buying wines. Now it has been revealed which wine has exceptional quality at the best price.
Qvevris dry wine is made from selected Kisi grapes harvested from the only TBILVINO vineyard in Shashiani, using the Kakhetian age-old method of full fermentation and maceration on the grape skins in a qvevri. By about 2000, Kisi had all but disappeared and was rarely grown in exclusive vineyards.

It has been gaining popularity as of late and now has become the source for many types of wine.

The International Wine Challenge 2022

The International Wine Challenge, the world's most influential, objective and rigorously judged wine competition, has announced the results, with medals awarded across the globe, from Spain and New Zealand to Georgia. Thousands of wines from over 50 countries entered the annual competition, which was judged by an international panel of wine experts in a series of blind tastings in London last month.

We are delighted to announce our achievement of receiving 18 medals at the IWC. The prize list includes:
1 Trophy
Kisi Special Reserve 2021

1 Gold
Kisi Special Reserve 2021

6 Silver
Mtsvivani Special Reserve 2021
Mukuzani 2020
Qvevris Mtsvivani 2020
Qvevris Mtsvivani 2020
Qvevris Saperavi 2020
Saperavi Vachnadziani Vineyard 2020

6 Bronze
Mtsvane 2021
Mtsvane Special Reserve 2021
Qvevris Rkatsiteli 2020
Saperavi 2020
Tsinandali 2020
Tsinandali Special Reserve 2021
4 Recommendations
Alazani Valley Red 2020
Alazani Valley White 2021
Amber Kisi 2020
Qvevris Kisi 2020

Kisi is a noble grape variety that has become very popular in our country in recent years. The wine fermented from these indigenous grapes, of our own Shashiani single vineyard, has individual traits and unforgettable aromas.

More than 10,000 wines were registered for the competition, of which 164 white wines received gold, and only 40, including Kisi Special Reserve, returned home with a distinctive prize - the Trophy.

"A fresh and intense wine, marmalade, quince and blood orange grapefruit with an intense, punchy, dry finish." This is how the jury rated this wine.
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